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Leonardo Love

Elite Straight Male Escort

Gigolo London, Manchester, Birmingham


!!! If you are below the legal age of 18 years old, you are not allowed to read on this web page, and you must leave at once !!!




 Friendly, University Degree, a Romantic Companion who will tease your mind and steal your heartCall me for FACE pics

Perfect Orgasm ControlUnlimited Stamina, Well Endowed


Straight Gigolo in London, Birmingham, Manchester, Paris, the whole UK and Western Europe; New York, Dubai and other destinations for Travel Companionship.

I would like to have fun with Single Girls, Couples/Groups of Girls and Straight Couples MF. Available for naugthy organised parties too!

I Escort on a part-time basis because I love Sex and girls' company, so I am not interested in having a lot of clients: I would like to find attractive clients and friends who love my company and Sex, as I do. I will always be perfectly clean, fresh and well dressed for a booking.

I have a very good job and I offer my company purely for fun in my spare time as I love women's company and the possibility to build up new intimate strings with them. 

I always feel something for my partners, and these intense feelings are the secret beyond my skills. 

Your warm body near mine, your smell, the soft touch of your lips...sometimes I hope the night will never end


My Higher Education makes me perfect for High Class Dinner Dates as a Social Escort. Stimulating conversations are such a turn on! We could have a drink in a pub or have a nice dinner to start our date.

I am very Romantic and accomodating as I love girls' company, so I always try to satisfy all your requests, innocent or naugthy ones. I will accept you the way you are.

My Unlimited Stamina and Perfect Orgasm Control make me perfect for every Sex encounter you have in mind: one-on-one, MMF, MFF or MFFF. You may not reach an orgasm based on your emotional status, however I guarantee you I will not stop until you say so ;) get emotional involvement I recommend to book an overnight with a social meet (drink or dinner) before the intimate meet in order to create a connection xxx



I do love Deep French Kissing, Giving Oral Sex, Rimming, Long and Sensual Sex followed by an intimate chat and Romantic cuddles. Hardcore Sex is very welcome too! I could spend hours kissing and licking you, but you would miss the best part. My preferred position is "Me on Top" looking into your eyes and feeling your breath while I am penetrating you. Just tell me when you had enough or if you want a pause. This position allows you to relax and to think about your sensations xxx

There is no way whatsoever I will cum before will cum many times before me for sure...I do not definetly look to the clock, so I will be satisfied when you will be: my biggest turn-on is feeling my partner(s) having fun xxxx

I did a few Amateur Porn Movies (protected Sex only!). I was hired by a few Straight Couples MF when I was younger, but I started Escorting again only in September 2014. I met a good number of straight couples MF and a few Single Girls in this year of UK activity.

Every girl, couple (FF and MF) or group (FFF) I spent time with wondered how I could have such amazing stamina, no matter if they were innocent clients or trained professionists. I can very easily give you a 2 hours CONTINUOUS sex session: my current "record" is 3 hours straight with a Couple FF, but the limit was not set by me. Recently I managed to have Sex for 7 hours during the whole Overnight booking with a Single Girl!! O.O

if you would like to discover the passion which made me become a professional companion, you could read my interview published in a famous international blog

Single Girls:
If you are a young girl or a middle-aged attractive woman who wants to go out the normal schemes of your life, just call me: I will take care of your body and mind.
If you are an Escort who wants to have a mind-blowing experience call me: I can assure you hours and hours of Fun (someone says I am hypersexual, it is probably true...)

Couples FF/Female Groups

Have you ever tried to share a man with one or more of your girlfriends? If you did, have you ever tried to share a man that can actually satisfy you all, also simultaneously? I can have sex with one, deeply lick another one and perhaps touch/finger other two of your friends xxxx


Straight Couples MF

Would you like to watch your girlfriend/wife having sex with a Pro? Would you like to share her with another man? I am here for you

NOTE: I am strictly heterosexual, hence I do not engage sexually with men...please do not ask!


Straight Foursomes (MFMF & MMMF):

I am happy to have Group Sex with 4 people in the same room including myself, as I have professional experience in Porn Movies (protected sex only) and experience in Swinger Clubs

2 girls + 2 guys (MFMF): Couples MF rate applies. All my services apply without restrictions

1 girl + 3 guys (MMMF): rate is £25/hour higher than my Couple MF rate because I am in the same room with more guys, and I am interacting with a girl who is interacting with more guys. No kissing or giving oral sex. Blowjobs/Handjobs with condom and fingering with gloves. If very recent certificates of everyone are provided, then these restrictions could be relaxed at my own discretion. Hygiene is paramount!


No alcohol, No smoke, No enhancing drugs, No photoshop:

Everything is natural here: my erections are caused by your beauty and my strong feelings for you, while my Stamina comes from my talent, experience and training ;) ...just try and you will see with your eyes xxx

My body is 100% natural as I am against steroids use. Steroids users could be much bigger and more ripped...and have erectile problems...

Pics are not retouched in anyway and, as you can see, mostly are selfies done with a cheap mobile phone

Classy Companion
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xxx I will tease your mind and steal your heart xxx

Drop me an email at or give me a call: +44 7734228347

Any money paid to me is for my time and companionship only. Whatever may happen during our time together is the decision of consenting adults.

**If you are below the legal age of 18 years old, you are not allowed to read on this web page, and you must leave at once**